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The Power Sources Self-Assessment (PSSA) in printed form


  • For teachers, managers, facilitators, trainers, and coaches
  • Consists of forty-four questions to help participants self-assess the strength of their eleven sources of power:  knowledge, expressiveness, history, attraction, character, role, resources, information, network, reputation, and will.
  • Based on more than thirty years of research on power and influence as described at and in Dr. Terry R. Bacon’s books: The Elements of Power:  Lessons on Leadership and Influence and Elements of Influence:  The Art of Getting Others to Follow Your Lead
  • Self-scoring; requires about fifteen minutes to complete
  • Designed for classrooms, workshops, team-building sessions, and training programs.  
  • Free Facilitator’s Guide with each order 
  • A perfect complement to group or individual training on power, influence, and leadership.
  • Helps participants discover their strongest and weakest sources of power, which power sources they can best leverage to lead and influence others, and which power sources they should strive to build.


   20% discount for orders of 25 or more!!




  • To US Addresses:  1-day Express = $26.95 USD; 2-day = $7.95 USD
  • To Canada:  3-5 business days:  $45.95 UDS; 6-10 business days = $28.50 USD
  • To everywhere else in the world:  3-5 business days = $66.95 USD; 6-10 business days = $39.70 USD

The Power Sources Self-Assessment (PSSA) in printed form

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