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The Ten Laws of Influence

Reviewing Laws


Influence usually involves a mix of techniques.

You may be able to influence someone using one influence technique, such as logical persuading.  Your influencee may be a very logical person facing a particular problem.  You present a rational solution backed up by facts and data.  Because the solution you propose is so logical, because it fits the facts and is clearly the correct answer, the influencee accepts it.  This kind of scenario certainly happens.

A more common scenario is that the influencees don’t know you or haven’t worked with you extensively.  You have little or no common ground with them, but they are receptive to casual conversatoin.  So you begin by socializing and establish a cooperative and conductive atmosphere.  The influencees gradually grow more comfortable with you.  Then you use logical persuading to present the solution you propose.  The influencees seems receptive to your reasoning and are persuaded that your facts and data make sense. 


However, they question one part of your proposal.  You use consulting to probe their issues and ask them for their ideas.  You discuss these alternatives and incorporate some of them into the solution.  Now, because the influencees have contributed to the solution, they are more inclined to accept it.  However, they believe the timing of your proposal will be problematic for them.  They’d like it sooner, so you use exchanging to bargain for some tradeoffs.  You can deliver the solution in the timeframe they expect, but they will need to pay for expediated shipping.  They agree, and you reach a deal.

This scenario is far more common in business and in life.  We often have to use a mix of influence techniques to achieve our goals.  Skillful influencers have all ten influence techniques in their toolbox, and they are skilled at using them.  Moreover, they can read the situation in the moment and know how and when to switch techniques or use another technique depending on the circumstances.

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